The music of your soul


(Par Hella Ahmed – 07/06/2016)

She woke up with a smile, she stared at herself in the mirror.

– I look just fine. Yesterday, I was so down.

It’s scary when she is down, she used to have no one to turn to and get lost in a spiral of dark thoughts. She knows a lot of people but real friends are the ones who count, even more when you’re down.

She told her knew friend, beautiful Gen, about what broke her heart around christmas time after she graduated. She was spending the holidays alone, was struggling to find a job and was feeling very depressed.

– I had this friend I considered as my best. I always wanted to believe that she loved me as much as I loved her, but deep in my heart, I knew she was happy to see me hurt and getting a kick out of knowing that I was struggling. I loved her still and went looking for her ten years after we parted. « Look at yourself, lonely, no family to love you, no one to help you with a job and no man to be with you, your diplomas did not get you what I have  ». That’s what she said when I tried to reconnect. Then she left satisfied and added with a smile »merry christmas ».

– I am your friend, Said Gen. I will always be there for you, you helped me when you needed help yourself, you welcomed me in your heart, and you mentored me. I know who you are, a beautiful soul, and if someone tells you differently, don’t even bother to listen. Always remember that nothing and no one has the right to bring you down, not even the dark thoughts that are not really yours.

Words can hurt so deeply that when you listen to the sound of love, you just can’t believe that what it’s saying is true, that it’s chanting about you. Your time will come and you will hear the music of your soul, the music of love.

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