When you distance yourself and they get obsessed

Feeling contempt and being disgusted by someone’s attitude is ok, it is not a choice, it is something that happens to us. Sometimes, some nutcases keep obsessing about you for years, they are in the rage of a scheme trying to prove to you a few things you absolutely don’t care about and probably won’t ever be intrigued by, because you just really don’t like them and you don’t owe them anything. You certainly don’t have to admire their narcissistic persona, bow to their pushy invasive presence in your territory, read their works, buy their albums or be a fan. 

Some people become passive-agressive when you keep your distance, when you protect your ground, they play it cool and charming though, subtweeting about you, all the time, endlessly. But why this restlessness? Why acting like the victim of an ego crash trying to regain power by getting fixated on the person who is just not interested by getting involved in a perverted one sided abusive interaction considered as competition by the lunatic parasite? 

How to make it stop? Sarcasm is a good tool, although some of those somnambulistic big show offs characters won’t learn from it or give you a break, to just go live and let you live. They don’t realize that their persistance is insane, abnormal, and the simple fact that there are millions of creatives and authors on this planet that have the right to express themselves without reporting to them should be a good proof to make them understand that they can’t force themselves on you, but it just doesn’t make it, the message doesn’t come across because the real issue is one of a dysfunctional behavior and a supposedly subtile vengeance that is obvious and ridiculous.

When you block someone you just don’t like, you want them to keep their distance and go on with their life without thinking about you, but some profiles, often narcissistic ones with the tendency to think that they have the right to control people by morally harassing them, become very obsessed, all their stories based on your content, showing that their primary focus is on you and what you do while you are, on the other hand, focusing on your own business, becoming very annoyed by their stupidity.

They get savagely fixated, which is unhealthy and also a sign of a mental characteristic or issue related to stalking when it’s not simply about fraudulent commercial parasitism.They do it because it’s out of their control or they do it because they simply hate to exist otherwise. You have many options when you don’t need to act this way and they seem to not have them. Either it’s basic wickedness and greed combined or it’s a sickness and it’s overpowering them, or of course both cases at the same time. They lose their freedom to love and be fair, playing nice and loving to hide what’s going on, probably feeling dead inside, happily depressed.

Copyright © Hella Ahmed