I have an obsessed copycat stalker since 2019

A visible case of inconvenience and abuse, considering there are 8 billions of people on earth and this person has been clinging to my professional existence for over 4 years now, this is an easy to observe pathological fixation on me, my work, my books, all my written pieces, my life in general and my freedom to write and be recognized for what belongs to me. She is so sticky, it feels like she has no sense of dignity.

I have to deal with the relentlessness of this French imitator who plagiarizes me by taking up all my ideas to apparently prove to me, to France and to Quebec, that she deserves more than me to be me, by making what is mine hers. Settling in my country seems to be his project. Her entourage is aware of this perversion and some corrupt people who call themselves pedagogues, authors and journalists, support her in her transgression to further paraphrase my writings, plunder my business, my intellectual property and my life investments.

Everything she puts online or organizes in the form of projects is based on what I myself express or wish to accomplish. I can’t even post on my Facebook page anymore, because she is constantly spying on me copies everything. Being an international author, his director brother being famous in Quebec by her side, would be achievable projects thanks to the theft of MY identity by an illegal forced association, in order to use my visibility. It is quite simply commercial parasitism and theft. Bad buzz suits them well, attention at all costs is the specialty of these people who call themselves “pirates”.

Her cover as a copycat psychoanalyst would help her associates (I presume imaginary at the begging, because Cibron and Yaffa are in fact her brother’s partners, she is a master at showing off illusions to appear more influential than she really is) to do business in Canada in the future (the authorities refuse them visas for business). She highlights her character as a moralizer who wants to save youth with her expertise while she is a cheater, involved since 2019 in this fraud of plagiarism and commercial parasitism.