I have a deranged stalker since 2019

It is a plague, an ongoing nightmare, a solid case of mental derangement and visible abuse since we are 8 billion humans on earth and this fixated person is obsessed with me, my work, my books, my life in general and my freedom to be and create. I am being stalked by a disturbed French woman, a copycat stalker obsessed with plagiarizing my work to prove to me, to France and Québec, that she deserves to be me more than me. Replacing me in my own spot, in my country, seems to be the delirious plan. Her entourage is aware of the ongoing fraud and she is getting help to plagiarize more from people claiming to be educators, writers and journalists.

Her personal plans are all about spying on me, copying my content, basically fantasizing in the woods and on the train about making herself a rich glorified leader and her brother a famous tv. director. She is delirious as she is convinced that all of her fantasizes will come true by stealing MY identity, my works, my essence. She is a stalker who seems to think that the psychoanalyst cover (and her professor statue) will make her associates able to expand their businesses by all means where they are not wanted or welcome since they are crooks not getting visas in some countries which banned them. And she is acting on this attitude of being a moralizer only working to make the world a better place when in fact he is a criminal stalker indulging in commercial parasitism, fraud and hate incitement, since 2019.