Honest open communication versus hostile manipulation


(By Hella Ahmed) Honest and open communication saves time and energy for everyone. Who would consciously want to indefinitely guess about subliminal hints that lead nowhere?

When it comes to business and relationships, focus on those who are into clarity not confusion and wicked games, it will bring you peace and success. Don’t waste your time.

Confusion and parasitism 

If confusion is temporary characterizing a phase of ajustement where everyone is honestly involved into building a true blend of real communications between humans, it’s just fine. On the other hand, if it is a state of an ongoing communication issue probably wanted and actively boosted by one or multiple individuals with certain objectives, than it’s a situation you should exit as soon as possible.

Sadly the parasites addicted to that way of doing can easily act under protection in an environment where the obvious violence of so called powerful individuals leeching off real human talent is left untold about and almost permitted through a double speed justice system.

The means of intentional dysfunctional communication

The real goals of perverted minds are to use you, consume and break you. It is easy to notice the pattern with some people, they will never address any situation clearly and they continuously switch from good to bad vibes they subtly verbally and mostly non verbally communicate to you.

They know that a recurrent paradoxal behavior inflicted to people will trigger in most of them a great, partly conscious and highly unconscious, human need for rewarding validation obtained through expressions of kindness received with a continuous stability. They use this hurtful system as a powerful over powering tool in human interactions.

What to do? 

Chose to refuse their low level channel speech and stay on your bright positive clear path where respect is a number one rule.

If they respect you, they will speak clearly to you, if they don’t, they will mentally parasite you and consciously try to psychologically abuse you by using a perverted language that has nothing to do with honest open communication.


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