The perverse manages, narcissism and torment


(By Hella Ahmed) It is difficult to speak of a personality trait to isolate or to tackle the problem by considering it as a deep trauma which tints the behavior of visceral distrust, activating a defense mechanism which is that of hatred. If we talk about self-concept, we can see that the fact of blurring the other is the basis of the self-esteem of this character who takes pleasure in making suffer and devalue the human being whom he sees as a prey or an enemy. A prey capable of defending itself, is therefore also considered as a potential enemy.

With applied behavior analysis, reinforcement or punishment techniques remain without results, and cognitive restructuring work also does not seem feasible, because the bond of trust is not built. The will to change does not exist, or is only artificial when we come into contact with one who is always in the calculation to make any, seen as infiltration, dialogue fail, to thwart communication. The basic dysfunctional scheme is solid and saved as a fortress.

– The narcissistic pervert does not hesitate to use his friends and family members to sow discord and cultivate hatred between people, then plays the judge who accuses and separates when it is his actions that caused the ravages.

– It is only self-love that counts for the narcissistic pervert, the other is manipulated, occasionally softened to make the grip last, barely tolerated at heart. The love of the other is an illusion that he fabricates in the service of his plans.

– He is a person who makes waves with emptiness and who takes pleasure in making people go crazy. He believes in his greatness and his sense of honor is distorted because it is all about him exercising unhealthy control while pretending to be someone good.

– The pervert is always in a double game, when he does not get the attention he wants or his manipulation plans are thwarted, he changes sides. His goal is always to use his target, whom he falsely sees as a victim, for his financial and ego affairs. His obsessional neurosis can last forever. We must continue to ignore it and understand that it will always be false, off-center.

– The narcissistic perverts automatically put themselves in the position of victim when they are confronted about their exceeding the limits of others. They like to play villains, by demonstration of power, but pretend to have been misunderstood when we oppose their perverse games.

What is interesting to underline and understand is that all their malicious actions are shown to be supposedly intended to do justice, and to do justice comes down to defending their interests, which are often obtained by abuse. They have all the freedoms and the freedom of the other does not exist.

– The pervert, when there is profit to be made, with crooked methods, uses forced association. He insinuates close and solid links between his target, which he wants to use for his profits, and him, despite the inexistence of any relationship between them. He is an individual who allows himself to appropriate the successes of others by spreading lies.

At the same time that he plays the emotional blackmail to disturb his target, that he harms him and profits, he encourages his dishonest entourage to do the same and congratulates them frankly following the bad deeds. Despite his apparent unfair behavior, he still continues to make positive allusions regarding the subject of his fixation, by imitating his words and giving him a place in his imagination which he shares in order to propagate the fabulation about an association. current and future.

The pervert is thus trying to get the message across that what belongs to the said victim also belongs to him, because they are like a family, and that he can use it as he wishes and even redistribute it. He wants to make believe that the apparent refusal of relation of this necessarily consenting person, is not real, that their bond is solid.

These are clear displays of malicious intent and lack of judgment, greed and disrespect. We must therefore continue to ignore him and refuse any contact with him. 


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