Psychological distress is not a sign of weakness  

(By Hella Ahmed) « Being proud of one’s weaknesses » may be a poorly worded statement, but what seems to be conveyed in connection with mental health when we hear this sentence is being able to validate one’s feelings and accept vulnerability. 

Fearing to face the truth regarding our frailties to the extent of being in denial of our nature is dangerous, as it can lead to an emotional overflow, implosion or explosion. And accepting does not mean giving up the fight or being weak. On the contrary, it is to be open to conscientiously assess one’s own state in order to avoid the abyss of overwhelming psychological distress. 

Psychological distress is not a weakness or a choice, it is a shocking reality, it is fate that strikes. The environment that does not give respite, the accumulation of bad blows in life, the past that pollutes the present with its consequences and its pitfalls, what happens to us does not always depend on us.

We get ill without wanting to, we get tired, we suffer, we fight. When you fall, it’s neither a choice nor a weakness, it’s the body and the spirit that suffer, it is life that denotes. Equating psychological distress with a weakness or contrasting it with human qualities as if it were the opposite of being competent is disconnected from reality and rather stupid.

Wicked envy and superficial arrogance are weaknesses, they open the door to barbarism. The human ejecting his primary anger, like a proud automaton, does not stop to humbly examine his contradictions. In immature, he does not perceive the lack of eloquence of his words and cannot bear the weight of his soul ills.

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