Nobody likes a copycat by Hella Ahmed

(By Hella Ahmed) You know, that obsessed person who gets all the ideas from you and only you. Such an annoying behaviour, it is overwhelming and enraging because this person is using you as a ‘’ghost writer’’ to benefit financially, get promoted, attract attention and more followers, thanks to your hard work. The copycat is actually acting like a parasite that has found a host.

There’s another perverse side to the situation, this behaviour is a forced association considering that followers and readers will feel intense familiarity between the creative and the part replicating and duplicating, it’s abusive, it is non consensual.

Also, the imitator is always working on synchronizing to take the lead while benefiting. People notice similarities without feeling the need to question what is going on. When the people implanting similarities as fusion signals continue to do so over time, they are basically taking over someone’s business, creating a symbiosis without consent only to invade. It is criminal stalking and theft.

Now, copycats can refer to « coincidence » to describe what happened often or constantly if you ask them to stop the imitation, but there’s a huge difference between coincidence that happens once in a while and the monitoring of someone’s activity for the purpose of frequent or systematic imitation and the production of related materials that suggest a strong connection.

And what if you really don’t like this person or those people and what they stand for, and have different opinions maybe much more reasoned than their wicked hypocrite narratives? It may be absolutely infuriating. Becoming a slave, working for someone else you are not partner with while you’re in fact only working for yourself, wouldn’t that make you angry and ready to fight for you rights? Ready to protect your property by all means?

Of course these days checking out what people are doing has become a lifestyle because the virtual is such an important part of our modern habits, it’s part of reality and kind of a reshaped reality showing up there, but someone whose job, business, and accomplishments depend on some other person’s business to which they have absolutely no real connection to is just being dishonest and low life, and it is in that sense similar to identity theft, it’s visible fraud. In fact, avid losers act this way.

How irritating to know that there are 8 billion people on this planet and that person has chosen to stalk you and use you, and maybe they are claiming at the same time to be revolutionary, to be love, to be educators and humanity saviours.

Copyright © Hella Ahmed

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