The illusion of love and positivism: Freedom is a mindset and the money in your pocket

Our loved ones will eventually be taken away from us, and we will all end up dead anyway. The people who use you, steal your energy and waste your time, preventing you from being happy with yourself and your precious ones will be responsible for the time you have lost and will never get back. Take your power back now.

What about the future?

You better know who you’re dealing with now, because how are you going to react then? When it’s all too fucking late! Will you be angry and hurt for the rest of your life? Carrying the guilt of your past inaction? Thirsty for revenge? We all know that old adage: never seek revenge. Rotten fruits will fall off on their own. However, the crook gets a happy life with his friends and family, having the best time, eating well and travelling etc., before things go wrong. Will you keep on the learned helplessness that cancelled what could have been and perhaps never will be?

These are exactly the questions that I honestly ask myself everyday, and I unfortunately don’t have all the answers, but I do know that my resentment has peaked, which is kind of indicative of what might happen in the future if things don’t improve. Those I pushed away can’t be smart enough to fuck off and stop being such an exhausting burden in my life. People have a great time watching talented thinkers and artists getting ripped off or psychologically harassed by ignorant snobs, suffer and fall apart. They eat popcorn doing it, I wish I could spit in their buckets as a substitute for butter, and I’ll bring it down from the back of my mature throat like a rocket, because I sadly was in that vulnerable place, and I survived, I kept saying no to what was not meant to be, for the sake of me and for the bigger picture.

Being practical is the only way

Listening to life-coaches trophy wives preach, after shopping with credit cards given to them by their lovely men, that anything is possible, is the worst way to waste time on earth. When it’s a stingy rich businessman telling you that you need to be positive about the future and that he believes in humanity, it is even more infuriating. Are these people practically helping you or are they just trying to convince you to invest your time in helping them to achieve their dreams, without getting paid? When you listen to useless speeches, because some individuals want to be speakers and they talk all the time, making faces to look interesting, you’re celebrating mediocrity and the illusion of knowledge.

It’s fashionable now to comment on the past pandemic response to gain engagements and sexy likes on twitter (yes, a like from Musk is sexy and one from Booba is creepy, because the first man is known to still have some composure and the second is a pervert hating on women to buzz). That’s just how social media is, a whirlpool. And yes, the situation about the vaccines and the way the protesters were treated during the peak of the crisis is very questionable, it’s quite a fog right now, nothing is clear anymore and we need to investigate globally. We made it through the worst of the pandemic, not everyone was personally affected by the virus, so let’s not forget about the grief, the losses, and the struggles of citizens still recovering from long Covid. I will probably be soon writing a piece about what it felt like to be very sick, as the world had died around me during that never ending time, to make me the only ghost in town, out of breath, walking alone in the streets at down to get a coffee and hide back to write in a deadly silence.

Not everyone gets millions of dollars from divorcing or separating after being with an asshole for some horrible time. Many women who finally find the courage to end a relationship realize while going through depression or post-traumatic stress disorder that what they have experienced for years was humiliation, psychological abuse and sexual battery. To resume: torture. When your abusive scary French partner tells you many times a day, everyday, that if you dare to leave him, no one would ever consider being with you, because his evaluation of your whole being is that you are worthless, and you sadly were also deeply hurt growing up, you’re probably going to disconnect after a while and continue your life in automatic mode to get through the day without collapsing. And so the years go by, and here you are, almost a quarter of a decade later feeling whole at last, going through some more abuse, because you are smart and you attract narcissists men and women.

Your story is your property

Are you obligated to tell your story to someone who has been constantly lurking around to make a content of you? Absolutely not, you should never obey the incompetents who can’t take no for an answer, or even ask for your consent, sneaking around like demons, while pretending to be doing their job for the sake of justice. We do not necessarily allow mediocrity in our lives, it barges in, then more mediocrity works on using it against us, but at the end, we have to know: we don’t need them, they need us. They need to use us to exist, they are beneath us. Let them play happy with their idiocy and cheap hate for money. Does a narcissist know they are a narcissist? Sure, and being proud of it is part of being a narcissist. Also, superiority asserted by all means and violence is important to feel like an accomplished one, otherwise they cry like babies (which they do anyway when you don’t bow to them).

Tell your true story whenever you want if you ever feel like it. They’re not buying your books or giving you a contract to support you, you can clearly see that they’re looking for one unique thing: their own benefit. They want to shine like stars but they are closed minded and lacking culture. Write your books, make your art a must, legitimately be the professional you have been trained to become, find peace and joy by meeting the right people who care about your well-being and your success, forget about the hatred of the envious and the jealous. I’m talking to myself here, but I’m also talking to anyone under pressure: you’re not a tool or an object, push them away. Helping the community doesn’t mean sacrificing yourself so that selfish people can make more money by bragging about their ability to scoop bullshit at your expense.

Weakness is not what you think

The main weakness I have observed the last ten years as a writer is avidity, they become more and more emotionally disconnected doing you wrong and complain about it, but the choice is ultimately theirs. They choose to hurt you and put aside humanity and they dare claiming to be doing it to save humanity. Many successful men feel threatened, even insulted, by the power of women to impart insightful knowledge, and so they mostly listen to each other on repeat without acknowledging women’s contributions, as if it were a clan victory. This type of masculinity seems disappointingly fragile. Also, it is a visible strategy in the manosphere: they repeat what a smart woman (who is not a loyal servant member of their boys club) says and suddenly it has length and depth, then they laugh a boob joke to seal the supremacy illusion. It’s quite a show.

I am lucid and smart enough to know that what has happened continuously in the past is a good indicator of future behaviour: many prefer to abuse you and get some virtue-signalling simultaneously done to cover up their cruelty and selfishness, frankly contradicting themselves while complaining about others acting the same way. It has nothing to do with some real business ground rules, thieves and narcissists that sadly also lead us are into these methods. No, it’s not fair game to invade someone’s territory and use their language to get bigger, you can’t just copy and paste to avoid paying for talent and marketing when you’re a millionaire or billionaire, or simply the arrogant chief-editor of a tabloid depicted as good press. And to be presenting it as philanthropy when you can see them enslaving specific targets, so happy about it, is even more insulting.

Break free and make money

So, you could pay me for my work, why not now? You could invest in me, why not now? That’s the question to ask your so-called connections to find out if anything real is planned. The real answer would be more often: I am luring you about possibilities while using you. We need to consider the urgency of life. The only love you know for real in this world is the one for yourself and your immediate family, even though life can make it very difficult to enjoy your time on earth with the people you dearly cherish. It is absurd to be using the word “inhumane” to describe acts of violence, because everything humans do is humane, the best and the worst. When your loved ones are gone, your grief will finish you off if you are already in pain. Normalize making yourself a priority: make profit, take care of yourself, family, friends and the community. Please, don’t waste your time supporting the selfishness of sociopaths.

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