The necrosis of intellectual natural selection

Imagine being caught in a small world embedded in a much larger one, that of small lives with a constructed appearance of grandeur, acting like tentacles that aim at you for their small and large meals. You would be in the situation where many people who claim to be competent thinkers and humanists are counting on you for their presumed discoveries, psychoanalytical poetic flights or chronicles of shameless opportunism.

You would be the source, but they will try to discredit you, they will diminish you to feel important and make the auxiliary brain that you are supposed  to be understand that you are forbidden to shine or make a good living using your skills and genius. To resume, you would be proclaimed the slave whose meaning is to be plundered and whom we count on to restore and protect the image of well-established chosen ones, frightened by your gifts, without of course making a space in bookstores for your precious writings. They also greatly enjoy witnessing your staged intellectual exclusion, a sort of visible but non visible marginality, some big non sense form of existence perfectly fitted for you. 

Yet there are so many free thinkers on earth, millions, why this relentlessness? Envy, jealousy, the movements of vexed cliques, a reinvented patriotism, misogyny displayed under airs of benevolence, a female rivalry that defends class supremacy while spreading a deformed and instrumentalized feminism. Of course, all of it has to be veiled with anecdotes of inclusive good faith. Some will also dive into the dark recesses of your past to sneer and brandish the threat of slander, as if privileges and resilience were qualities and pledges of honesty. They won’t tolerate to let you evolve, traitors who enjoy destroying others to earn good money will succeed wildly over playing the funny to watch illusion of class, while sipping good bottles of wine in a « close to the people snobbery mode » on special occasions. 

Ordinary people and repressed brains are seen as the free tools to be used by profiteers who will again and again be glorified and of course well paid to live well, not to survive on the margins, abused, calmly observing the snippets of beauty exhibited in the photographs of pampered travellers. The message is that you are not supposed to have the same quality of life, and that you should only dream of it looking miserable while doing so, because the good life is their destiny not yours. They so deserve it and they so much treasure to remind you that they have it all, as a wicked way of giving you a good psychological beating to put you back in your designated low prestige and income position. They are incapable of comprehending that their behavior is a display of ignorance, they just can’t picture how insignificant they seem to you.

This scenario is that of the natural selection of the intellectual dimension that vulgarly transcends a humanity rehashed like a story whose true meaning no one understands given the transparency of a thousand times consecrated vanity. 

The poor citizen who picked up cans in the streets to buy food with the returned back 5 cents 5 years ago is still poor, what was the good story for? The natives on the sidewalk that we have seen a thousand times are still in the same bad condition, this story told was only a melodrama to write something and post pictures of misery to boost traffic. The toothless still can’t afford to go to the dentist, so forget the holidays on the French Riviera, and COVID was caught by the highly vaccinated copy-paste elite intellectuals of whom you can find books in all good bookshops.

In a necrotic environment doomed to stagnation, freedom of expression passes through the filter of a syndrome that drags its feet: the magnifying glass of facade inclusion. And why do we approve of it? The small world is terrorized by low-IQ boors who politicize you despite yourself. How can someone spend a lifetime spying on people, intimidating them, and exposing non credible humanity through bad writings while showing machiavellianism, thinking that this theater is not that obvious? : You can’t expose selfishness being a selfish narcissist yourself. You can’t investigate injustices by being this hero of transgression and exploitation surrounded by angry against the iron will of true intelligence girlfriends and boys club buddies.

The pervert is narcissistic, it cannot be otherwise, but the narcissist is not necessarily perverse. On the other hand, the observation is clear, to be highly invested in preventing some people from freely existing and from prospering while using them at the same time, is indeed the vocation of the phony moralizer who thinks he holds in his hands a legitimate power, that of deciding who can be successful, who to repress and who to enslave in the name of an ecological ideology without tail or head. The pervert cheater ransacks the hive.

Copyright © Hella Ahmed