The necrosis of intellectual natural selection – By essayist Hella Ahmed

About disregard and flattering the ego

Imagine being caught in a small world embedded in a much larger one, little lives with a constructed appearance of grandeur acting like tentacles that aim at you for their small and large meals. Many proclaimed humanist competent thinkers getting their presumed discoveries from you, some psychoanalytical lame poetry based on obsessively re-framed contents of yours. As a precious source to be kept hidden, they will discredit and diminish you while transforming you into the auxiliary brain of the privileged, forbidden to shine or make a good living using your skills. A slave, a treasure to plunder as they protect the image of well-established chosen ones.

Yet there are so many free thinkers on earth, millions, why this relentlessness?

Envy, jealousy, the clique syndrome, a reinvented patriotism, misogyny displayed under fake benevolence, female rivalry and class supremacy, fake feminism as dual immunity. Of course, all of it has to be veiled with anecdotes of inclusive good faith. Some sneaky spies will also dive into the dark recesses of your past to sneer and brandish the threat of slander, as if privileges and resilience were qualities and pledges of honesty, the past being proof of your being unworthy.

They won’t tolerate to let you evolve, traitors who enjoy destroying others to earn good money will succeed wildly over playing the funny to watch illusion of class, while sipping good bottles of wine in a « close to the people snobbery mode » on special occasions. They also greatly enjoy witnessing your staged intellectual exclusion, a sort of visible but non visible margin spot, some big non sense form of existence perfectly fitted for you. Repressed brains are seen as the free tools to be used by those who will again and again be glorified and of course well paid to live well, not to survive on the sidelines, often abused, calmly observing the snippets of beauty exhibited in the photographs of pampered travellers.

Classicism and racism

The message is that not everyone is supposed to have a good life, and that you should only dream of it looking miserable while doing so, because the good life is the elite’s destiny not yours when you’re a nobody. They are so deserving of it and they so much treasure to remind you that they have it all.You’ll get a good psychological beaten up to go back to your designated low prestige and income position if you dare to hope for more.. They can’t figure out that superiority complex is a display of ignorance, they don’t know how insignificant they seem to you. Selection of the natural kind that goes on in the intellectual spheres is a reality bursting through rehashed humanistic stories no one really believes in given the transparency of the consecrated vanity of many pretentious privileged.

The poor citizen who’s been picking up cans in the streets to buy food with the returned back 5 cents is still poor although I read a good story about him written by a snob who gave him 20 bucks. Natives on the sidewalk that we pass by everyday are always in the same bad condition, their story told time after time brought some traffic to many websites. The toothless still can’t afford to go to the dentist, so forget about the holidays on the French Riviera, and COVID was caught by the highly vaccinated copy and paste elite of whom you can find books in many bookstores.

Necrosis and machiavelisme

Such an environment is doomed to stagnation, freedom of expression passes through the filter of the magnifying glass of inclusion illusion. And why do we approve of it? The world is scared by people who politicize you despite yourself ; spying, using intimidation while exposing a faltering facade of non credible humanity though largely shared bad writings. It is machiavelisme, as you can’t rage against selfishness being a selfish narcissist yourself, and you can’t investigate injustices by using transgression and exploitation, surrounded by angry against the iron will of true intelligence girlfriends and boys club buddies.

The pervert is narcissistic, it cannot be otherwise, but the narcissist is not necessarily perverse. On the other hand, to be highly invested in preventing some people from freely existing and from prospering while using them to look virtuous, is indeed the vocation of the phony moralizer who thinks he holds in his hands a legitimate power, that of deciding who can be successful or not, who to repress and who to enslave in the name of an absurd ecology.

Copyright © Hella Ahmed