About general sycophancy and dissing – By author Hella Ahmed

Let’s consider the double standard that occurs when a person accuses someone of being a sycophant to whom supposedly doesn’t care about them. Supposedly, because the claim is based on speculation and generalization based on some reputation statues in connection with so-called truths exposed in the past. Isn’t communication, unless absolutely technical, informations somehow reshaped and guided towards an underlying objective? The right chosen words can make it possible to share anything we want heard, muffled or subtly planted.

The target and the magnet

The targeted person’s case is not settled or clear, and this is partly why indirect and irrelevant messages are sent as signals to warn the target and belittle anything personal or professional that’s being considered in connection with the powerful magnet causing the pointed out sycophancy. This means that the pseudo-analyst is guessing to make assumptions about the unknown, as if the whole thing was useful and relevant when there is simply not much happening to examine.

The acrobatic blow seems inappropriate to me considering that personal life events should not be commented on by individuals who are free to have their own feelings and professional matters that concern them personally and should not be put in question by outsiders since privacy is everyone’s right. Outspoken individuals posing as seekers of truth would certainly not allow it if you dared to question their feelings or personal intentions keep demonstrating that freedom is often the victim of a double standard.

The gold medal of sycophancy

When that outspoken analyst does some wonders to please who is exploiting the target, someone with privileges about to give a hand here and there to the clairvoyant, returning the favors (or to be loyal to some ideology nurturing group-think while at the same time being supported by that group for the beneficial outcomes sticking together brings to its members), doesn’t that show us that we are all sycophants to someone or certain people?

I think that the phony making up a useless story wins the sycophancy gold medal since the person under observation, getting subtle warnings and criticisms, is a mystery being observed by the bored researchers, victim probably watching the funny scene dissociated, not caring much about the gossip, not feeling concerned with the ploy of someone trying to make a point about nothing serious. About nothing really. But hey, everyone has to keep busy and some desperate for attention people like twisted plots as they are their unique options to get anything done.

No connection without action

Oh! There seems to be a connection between the sycophant and the individual attracting sycophants, but let’s face it, when someone powerful wants to be helpful or invested in a relationship, nothing can stop the process, things are done frankly and quickly. You go get what you want when you’re in a position to do so, you don’t mumble about it or play around like a confused teenager. Busy people don’t waste time, they connect, proceed and succeed, so if nothing is clearly happening, then nothing is happening. Really. 

When you have everything, you can afford to take risks, your security is covered, and you can risk to not care at some level because you won’t lose. When you have nothing because the option « to have » has been taken away from you, you have nothing to lose. Being a sycophant is also being a fan who will never approach the idol, it’s never getting the help you ask for, sadly carrying the stigma of rejection. It is also being ridiculed when you have no allies to make you look strong as you try to make a place for yourself in a field. Being a sycophant is being the naive victim of racism and hypocrisy, many white privileged preaching democracy and inclusion do it while assimilating vulnerable people, convinced that it is only legitimate to steal talent and vision.

Some wisdom

Live and let live, love and let love, take care of your own happiness and let people decide how to create their own. In other words: cut the bullshit about sycophancy, it’s not a science, it’s a condition on a continuum and we all have it, but hypocrites suffer more severely from it. Let’s say that they get the « fake denial » comorbidity plus (and I am using the word « comorbidity » as a metaphor) and it’s a hot mess you don’t want to deal with. When people want to meet and associate romantically or professionally, they just do it, it’s no mystery and it’s no one’s business but their own. Let’s just stop guessing wild. 

Sleep tight tonight jealousy, nothing cool happened.

Not yet .. 

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